Week #4 : Bloating , How to Prepare Your Body Nutritionally for Your Boudoir Session


Maria one of the biggest concerns I hear prior to a boudoir session or wedding day is the BIG B word ….BLOATING . Sometimes it just seems to come from nowhere . As women we know one wrong move sideways can just bloat us  right up . What are some environmental triggers to bloating ?


I know Sam, bloating is a big deal!! One of the environmental factors that affect the most is the heat!! The warmer it is the more water our body retains in order to keep us hydrated! The funny thing here is that the more water you drink the less bloated you are going to feel! I know, I know its sounds contradictory, but here is the thing… water helps regulate our internal temperature, so by drinking water constantly your body doesn’t have the need to retain it [you’ll be peeing a lot but it is totally worth it 🤣]!


Thanks for that explanation Maria ! Everyone always tells you to drink lots of water but no one explains why ; and I have heard the more you drink the less you bloat but really understanding how your body works is super encouraging and can make it easier to stick to it .

We all know that lady time can cause the bloat , what would you recommend to help combat bloating this time of the month ?


Yasss, PMS is another trigger that contributes for bloating!! This is almost inevitable for most people however there are some things you can do:

  • First of all try to book your photo session away from those days [would be a safer bet]
  • Try fresh ginger tea or cramp bark tea to help ease the bloating and the cramps that usually come along with those days… start drinking it 7 days before your period
  • Avoid drinking caffeine 7 days before and during your period.
  • Staying away from red meats, sugars and dairy during this time may be really helpful too.
  • And, clean eating [avoiding processed and junk foods] can be a total lifesaver during this time of the month. By packing your body with nutrients, inflammation can be prevented, and symptoms like bloating and cramps may be prevented.


Are there any foods you should stay away from to avoid bloating?


Sadly the meal choices you make, are a key factor for whether you get bloated or not. At least 15 days before your photo session avoid any type of junk food, sugars, pop, alcohol, beans, dairy & raw cruciferous veggies since they are known as bloating-foods!


Also do not chew gum the day of your session! Trust me you’ll thank me later!


Oooh The gum I have never heard of before ! What is it about gum that makes you bloat?


By chewing gum you’re increasing your risk of inhaling extra air into your digestive system [especially when doing it on an empty stomach]; and the problem here is the combo of swallowed air, mixed with the digestive gases  [nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide] add pressure on the abdomen and surrounding areas causing that annoying bloating.


Check out this post on what to eat, drink & do before your boudoir session. 



Author: Samantha B

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