Super Ashley’s Experience With Boudoir

Hey internet. Long time no see!

I know, I know, I promise. I’m definitely working on getting better at this whole social media thing. I mean, I have SO MUCH  great content that has just been sitting in the archives for like months. But let me be real with you. I am a VISUAL storyteller. Putting a story into words is NOT my strong suit . I also understand though that in order for you to really see the beauty before you , you have to understand the background of the story as much as I do.  So, in celebration of Christmas in July. That’s a thing right? I wanted to share with you my friend Super Ashley. And her experience with Boudoir at Seaweed & Diamonds. 

Now, the internet is a cool place. Sometimes you get lucky enough to meet some complete strangers online and you guys just click. Like, you know they’re your people. Ashley and I  knew right away that we wanted to do a collab. This took place all the way back in December and I honestly could’ve sworn I plastered it all over the internet . But apparently my imagination is still as vivid as ever 😉

“I had the greatest time with (Sam) …. she is someone I vibed with immediately “

-Super Ashley

 Ashley’s awesome! She is a YouTube Vlogger and Entrepreneur with some AMAZING makeup skills. She came all the way from Brooklyn to hit up the studio and have this amazing experience. When I first picked Ashley up from the train station, it was honestly like we’d already known each other forever, we were chatting in the car listening to music, hanging out like we were long time friends just catching up with one another. 

How Ashley Felt

 Ashley gushed about  how nervous she was because she’d actually never been the subject of a photoshoot. I’m like WAIT.  WHAT?! You’re basically Instagram/YouTube famous, and you’ve never been the SUBJECT of a shoot?!?!  I mean, kudos to you girl for taking that awesome content, all by yourself. Totally can see how having somebody professional behind the camera can be a little intimidating, but you know what, I WAS NERVOUS TOO.  I had never been on a vlog. 

Did you see how many times I looked at the camera?? HELLO rule number one people. You NEVER look at a video camera, and I know this, but …I did it anyway. Yeah. See for yourself. 

“Sam was so warm and welcoming …but also professional . I was a little nervous at first …. But I felt really really comfortable , she was really great at directing me “

-Super Ashley

Ashley and I blew through her session.It felt like it went by so fast.  We had so much fun giggling and laughing. (and honestly, someday I may tell you the most EMBARRASSING thing that happened that day….. But NOT TODAY) . Ashley, definitely opened up in front of the camera, and rocked her session. We also need to talk about the fact that she had those epic Christmas vibes in her video too. WHICH IS OK to look at since its the middle of summer , but don’t show me winter things in winter …. I know , I’m weird . 

Which Reminds Me…

 Guys, I’m already booking for the holiday 2019 season and only have a few spots left. So if you’re thinking you want to do a Boudoir session for the Holidays… You should call me like yesterday. Seriously.

Things definitely got a little steamy during this session ….. We left those images for the FB group so if you want to see them you gotta hang out with the ladies only tribe there. 

Check out her vlog of the experience! Side not I am also completely obsessed with this one : You can also hang out with Ashley on Instagram

Want to see even more ? Check out A Beautiful Badass or Portfolio ! You can get in touch here.

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