Style Watch #3 My 2018 Summer Color

I don’t know about you but I get stuck on a color. Typically every season there is just one color that really stands out to me and I go crazy coordinating my outfits down to the last detail . Sometimes it is subconsciously …. I don’t even realize how much that color is speaking to me . My Summer color for 2018  has taken me a bit by surprise , what is typically saved for fall afternoons sipping lattes has me suddenly feeling beachy and golden.

Seaweed and Diamonds 2018 Summer Color






I KNOW RIIGHT ?!?! Believe me I am just as surprised as you are and believe me I tried to fight it. ORANGE IS A FALL COLOR ….well not this year I guess. Below are some ways that I am currently rocking the trend .






Essie’s Island Hopping nail polish has me ready to spend all day at the beach .


I am also basically obsessed with this Cinnamon bathing suit from J Crew 


J crew Cinnamon bathing suit



Or throw on this summer dress for a flawless day to night look .




I think this Tarte palette has been the culprit the whole time though. Ever since I got it a few months ago these colors have slowly been infiltrating my mind. These shadows blend so well and have a very light chocolate scent , but who doesn’t want to smell like a yummie piece of candy ?



What do you think of my summer color for 2018 ? Do you get stuck on colors sometimes too ? Whats your favorite summer trend this year ? Leave a comment for me below or send me an email and tell me what you think !





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Author: Samantha B

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