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Samantha B & hubby from seaweed and diamondsHey Babe , thanks for popping into my little corner of the internet. I am happy to have you. I’ve made a lot of life changes in the past two years. This has me thinking a great deal about mine and my husbands journey and I have realized that I haven’t shared any of it. Today’s blog I am going to be sharing something personal. So grab the popcorn a warm cup of tea.

When it comes to sharing personal information I have always struggled a bit. Its not so much because I am afraid to share. If anything its the opposite , I am afraid to overshare. Anyone who speaks to me in person , or has inquired about personal information will tell you I am a pretty open book. There are things in my life I am proud of and things I am not so proud of. At the end of the day though,” it is what it is “and we are all a work in progress.

Here I am getting ahead of myself … If this is your first time reading a post from me , welcome !(and also I’m sorry haha) If you are returning or we have been hanging out for awhile thank you! Sometimes just showing up is immensely helpful , especially when sharing information on the internet. It can feel like the internet is this big abyss and I am on a cliff shouting into it. My name is Samantha B and I am the owner of Seaweed & Diamonds a boudoir and lifestyle brand.

I am originally from Syracuse NY and now live with my husband and our two (and a half) fur babies on Long Island (NY). Making the trip from Syracuse to Long Island for my husbands job was a no brainer for us. We always knew that Syracuse was not our last stop or where we wanted to plant our roots. I have a soul for travel. I could write an entire blog about how I believe it is important for every single human to live someplace other then their hometown for awhile, maybe another day.

We planned to only be on Long Island for one year . Two years later I believe it is safe to say our original plan is to the wind a bit. Being here hasn’t been all fun and games. It has felt like every time we find something we love here we are equally greeted by something that makes living here difficult. It was also a major adjustment to move someplace 3x’s as expensive ( for everything ) then we were used too living upstate. But no matter what we found a way to make it work.

I opened the Long Island studio August of 2017 in one of my favorite little Port Towns here on Long Island on the north shore. We moved into a cute little cottage directly south of the studio in a little town called Patchogue . There have been so many things we love about Patchogue. We have the best dog walking route we see so many birds! The town is full of young people with lots of festivals and activities; and I LOVE riding my bike to the bay.

Unfortunately all things end … which brings me to the reason for todays post……We are moving AGAIN. Never fear Long Island is still where we are hanging our hats. However, we will now be calling a new town home. While the news came as a shock , and during the busiest time of the year ! My husband and I could not be more excited for the opportunities this move is bringing to us.

What this means for the studio. Right now nothing ! I will be working from home more often as we are moving quite a distance away, and will have designated studio days. All of this is so exciting but of course the timing feels frustrating. As someone who hard core hibernates during the winter months relocating my nest is risky business. Not to mention the busiest season for me at work ! But we are taking things in stride and looking forward to the adventure ahead.


Thanks for making it all the way to the end of what feels like a crazy long blog to me. Do you enjoy when I share more personal items on the blog ? If so let me know in the comments below. I am happy to share if someone is interested.


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