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Hey Lovelies,  I hope you are enjoying this planning series !

Planning has been at the forefront of my mind. I know for sure how much better I feel when I am planning out my next move. This week is getting crazy with weddings and events. It all has me dreaming of bridal bouquets and hints of purple as I get ready to be a bridesmaid at the end of the week.

Which has had me thinking. There is always lots of emphasis on the bride , but sometimes the bridesmaids are a little left in the dark . Let me know in the comments below if you would be interested in a bridesmaid series of ideas and etiquette to navigate the ins and outs of your friends nuptials !

On to the fun part of planning your boudoir session!

When it comes down to planning your actual session every boudoir photographer has a different method . Some photographers have a system they work within , a routine they follow for each and every client.

Whatever you wear is what it is and they follow their routine for every client . There is a predictability with that and you know exactly what you are signing up for !  Some photographers , like much larger institutions offer different rooms or sets . Your package will include a limited number of rooms and you are able to build your session around that theme. Lastly you have photographers that are kind of in the middle ( like me ). They will custom plan your session with you from start to finish based on what you like .

One of the most important steps when working with me is that we go through some images together during our initial consultation.

This gives me an idea of your base and expectations. I help you dissect the image and determine what it is you like about the image. This is crucial to understand what it is your are looking for for yourself . When it comes to the image you love is it because the way it makes you feel ? The fact that is is black and white , or the pose of the girl featured. Maybe you love the emphasis on her eyes or the outfit . This way I can also see trends in the images you show me that you may not even notice .

If I notice every image you send me has a certain type of lingerie I can help you recognize that. Once we notice that together I can send you to companies I know make that lingerie.  Or maybe in each image the subject has a bright red lip , I will then discuss that type of makeup with you and our makeup artist. This is also the perfect opportunity to discuss if your photographer notices the images you are choosing are different then their style of shooting. At that point you can determine if it was the shoot style or maybe the pose. If it was by chance the style then maybe they have a photographer in mind that might be a better fit for you.

So its SUPER important to sit down with your photographer and do this during your consultation.

This allows you both to clearly set your expectations. I love this part the most! It gives me a chance to get inside your head and see what you are thinking. I want boudoir to be a celebration of you and who you are, from start to finish.


The last step in your Boudoir session prep is Product.


You are taking the leap into the boudoir world but how your images are going to live once you have completed your session is often something that falls to the way side. If you have this beautiful large space on your bedroom wall that you want your husband to look at every morning when he wakes up thats important for your photographer to know ! This can help steer your outfits to your bedroom decor.

If you want to create a beautiful album as your wedding gift , knowing this ahead of time will help guide the shoot and outfits. When you come in to have your consultation with your photographer they should have some product options readily available for you to touch and feel and envision where they will live. Having a clear idea of product is the final step to planning the perfect session !


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