I am so thrilled that you found me

Seriously doing a little happy dance that you are here right now! 

In a Sea of amazing photographers you found your way to my part of the Ocean.  But I have to warn you I am not like the others. By the end of your photo experience 

you will have gained a new brutally honest girlfriend , or an extra bridesmaid who happens to have a camera , and someone

who is seriously invested in your love story. You are considering me to be a part of some of your most 

intimate moments in life. Which means we definitely have to meet! I find the best way to serve you is 1 on 1 , no this is not 

an opportunity to pressure you into a sale! This is an opportunity for us to see if we are a good fit. 

Lets be real , this is an opportunity for us to hang out girl. So fill out that contact form and grab your comfy sweater cause we gonna chill.




xoxo, Samantha B 






Ready to be free and have bountiful happiness?