Week #6 Questions from our readers


Whoooohoooooo! We did it , we made it to week #6 of our nutrition blogging series. If you have been sticking with us up until this point thank you! If you haven’t had a chance thats ok too you can still go back and read it , Maria over at Vitalia Nutrition have been writing each others blogs for the last 5 weeks discussing health and nutrition and how it applies to your wedding day or boudoir photography as well as giving wedding and boudoir photography tips. We knew we could’t cover everything there is to cover so we needed your help to let us know which of YOUR questions where left unanswered. Here are some questions from our readers. 

Questions from our readers for Maria : NUTRITION & WELLNESS


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Olivia from Harrisburg PA asks : how to stick to a new (nutritious) lifestyle after your big life event is over and things have returned to normal?


If you have been preparing [nutritionally] for your BIG DAY for a while, then you have probably realized how good it makes you feel. For that reason, sticking to a healthier lifestyle shouldn’t be that hard. Although, you have to be careful because sometimes married life can get too comfy and it often happens that you start prioritizing other things other than yourself. So the main key in here is for you to keep yourself motivated and focused. Be mindful on how your body feels when you do something good for it and keep track of it. Notice that when you start slacking and letting yourself go how your energy levels start changing and you want to leave everything for that “tomorrow” that never comes… [if you know what I mean].


What has helped for me is to keep a wellness journal. In there I keep track on how I felt during the day and I vent any worries or frustrations I may have [that’s very very helpful]. I also track if a certain food made me feel not that great, or if there’s something I tried and totally loved! It honestly sounds like cliche but journaling can completely change the turnout of your day.


  1. PS. I know life can be a bit crazy sometimes , but when you really want something, there’s always time to accomplish it!


Kristen from Boston MA asks: How do you stay fit and active ? DO you keep a schedule for yourself i.e. every Monday is gym day , or every Friday you play a sport etc.


Hey girl, love the question! Yes, I add my gym time on to my schedule. This way I make sure my day stays structured and I do everything I need to. The way I stay active, is by not stopping being active… I have noticed that when I feel lazy and I say I’ll skip the gym today, a chain reaction happens and I end up missing it for the whole week… So instead I’m trying to beat the little voice inside my head that tries to convince me not to go… it is super hard sometimes, but once I get myself moving it just starts flowing. And by the end of the workout, I feel so good and completely re-energized that I congratulate myself for not skipping it! Plus it leaves you ready to kick a** the rest of the day!


Amanda from Bar Harbor ME asks: I feel like a lot of healthy eating and mindfulness comes down to time management. What are some of your tips for making time to eat healthy and be mindful?


You are so right! It definitely comes down to how you manage your time. And this is because eating healthy involves a LOT of prep time… So what I do is that I assign one day during the week [in this case SUndays] and I meal prep for the rest of the week. I usually prepare between 3 – 4 dishes and I just scatter them during the week. So for example if I made zucchini noodles, I may add some chicken and have them one day as dinner; and whatever is left over I have it as lunch in a couple of days [maybe this time with veggies instead of chicken].


As mentioned before, I usually have a fruit bowl or smoothie for breakfast. So if I know my week is going to be extremely busy, I leave all the ingredients cut and ready in mason jars! So when I wake up in the morning I either blend them, if I’m not going to have time to sit down, or I add some granola and eat them as bowls.


Being mindful doesn’t take much time! It is very easy to incorporate it in your daily routine. To check out exactly how to do it, check out my article about “Mindful eating” where I talk all about the benefits and guide you step by step!


Laura from Long Island NY asks : how can you do a cleanse to jump start detoxing and a diet without actually cleansing with juices/ not eating?


The easiest way to do a cleanse or a detox without juicing or not eating includes 2 words: CLEAN EATING. Meaning that all you need to do is stop buying junk and processed foods, cut down on refined sugars and substitute them with whole foods!


This way you are cleansing your body from all the preservatives, added sugars, added salt and damaged fats. You will feel a complete difference and your body will thank you!


LIDIJA from ON: What should you eat for breakfast and lunch on the big day?

Eat something that you know it is not going to bloat you or make you feel uncomfortable! Only you know your body and know what foods serve you better. If you are scared of getting bloated, don’t be! Check out this post where I talk what to eat, drink and o before your boudoir session [or wedding day in this case] to avoid the B word.


LIDIJA from ON:If you’re menstruating on your big day, what can you eat/drink/take against bloating?


First of all avoid red meat, caffeine, dairy, refined sugars and junk food [as early as one week before your wedding]. Drink tons of water to keep yourself hydrated and to help flush toxins out. And Another thing I have found really useful is ginger and / or cramp bark tea. Both of these teas have antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that will help alleviate the pain and decrease bloating.

Questions from our readers for Sam : WEDDING & BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY


Sandra from B.C.: Sam, what type of makeup do you recommend for a photo shoot?? Is airbrush better than normal makeup?


Hey Sandra great question! For my clients I do help them choose their makeup based on the vibes in their inspiration Pinterest Board that we build together to plan their session. That being said my standard go too look is the same as a bridal look . Something a little smokey and dramatic but with a nude lip . You usually want to go a little extra in your boudoir photos .


Airbrush is not always better. Ultimately it comes down to your makeup artists preference , choose someone you trust ! For some skin types airbrush makeup slides around and smudges especially on hot humid days . It is very rare that I will specifically request an airbrush makeup especially now because there are so many options for makeup. The flawless “airbrushed” look can be achieved in other ways.


Kim from ON: For a lot of people, it is tradition to wait till the altar for the first look, however this is changing and more and more people do this before the ceremony… what are your thought around that? And how does it work?


As a wedding photographer I LOVE wedding days with a first look . However for me personally I chose to wait on my wedding day. This is something I discuss extensively with each of my wedding clients . Some brides choose to do a first look because themselves or the groom are shy , and they want that first moment they see each other on their wedding day to be shared between them and not necessarily with all of their wedding guests.


Doing a first look also often free’s up a lot of time. When you do a first look you can also do bridal party portraits and or family portraits before the ceremony even begins ! This leaves more time for portraits of the two of you and leaves an opportunity for you to actually participate in your cocktail hour ! If you choose not to do a first look you need to plan an additional hour for photos after the ceremony. This time constraint often causes stress for yourself , and things tend to be missed often times because brides and grooms just say forget it because they can’t find aunt Jane and they have already missed cocktail hour …

Take a moment to chat with your fiance and weigh the pros and cons . Should you choose to not do a first look make sure you leave enough time for formal photos 😉   


Casey from Australia: I understand you have the copyright for the photos but can I print my own photos from the wedding disc and can I put your photos on my blog?

Hey Casey this is a big one ! But it is also something you will want to discuss directly with your photographer . Most photographers are A OK with sharing their images on your blog as long as you give proper credit with a link back to their website. If this is something you know you want then keep that in mind when shopping around for your wedding photographer and be sure this is one of the questions you ask during your first consultation. If your photographer is not comfortable with it for any reason at that point weigh the pros and cons of choosing someone else. Be sure to check out my post on Maria’s blog for my top 5 questions to ask when interviewing your photographer : https://www.vitalianutrition.com/5-questions-to-ask-your-wedding-photograper/

This also talks about what should be the MOST important thing about choosing your wedding photographer.


Steph from ON, Regarding boudoir photography, what colors are best when it comes down to choosing lingerie?


Steph this is a loaded question ! Choosing colors are tricky and they depend on a few factors. For my clients personally I help you choose the best colors for your session based on our combined vision for your boudoir session.

There are some things you want to consider . First would be what the set is for your session ( or the background) . You want to make sure you are not choosing colors that may clash with your set. For example if you know you will be using a red velvet couch , you do not want to be wearing a hot pink bodysuit . Having a consultation either in the studio or via video chat can help you see your general color options and set styles with your photographer.

Something else that you want to consider is your skin tone. You want to choose colors that compliment your natural color .

Lastly talk to your photographer about how certain colors will photograph based on their style. If your photographer generally has very muted tones in their images they are likely not going to recommend a highlighter color.

And when all else fails , Black , white and nude . I always recommend my clients bring shoes in each and a lingerie piece in each. You can’t go wrong with color when you go this route 😉


Amber from Albany NY asks : Is having your nails done important for a shoot ? Do you notice them or no ?

Nails are super important during a boudoir session and they are very noticable. Typically I recommend a light pink or french tip so that it does not pull away from your session. When we talk about your theme though we discuss a color palette for your session and can plan your nails accordingly for that.


Kendra VT : Do you Play Different Music based on the boudoir Theme?

Kendra for me music is super important and sets a lot of the tone for your session.  I actually play apple music Radio , or build a custom playlist for each client based on their taste. It is most important that YOU feel comfortable and sexy during your session. Good music will help get you in the mood and feelin it !


Sarah Syracuse NY : How long does a boudoir session typically last ? How many outfits can you have ?


Hey Sarah! The Session time varies based on the type of session you choose . However for my most popular session we typically start hair and makeup around 11 , move into you session and then prepare for your massage . By the time you massage is over and you are packed and ready to go it’s usually 3:30 or 4pm. So planning around 5 hours plus travel time out of your day . It’s a full day experience !


I do not limit the amount of outfits that you can bring or wear. Just remember the more outfits you have the more options you will have the more images you will have and the larger your album may be . When we discuss outfits we also discuss the types of products that we offer and where you see your images living for all of time.


If you are choosing a large custom album we will want a few outfit changes. If you are choosing a small portfolio box you may only want two outfit choices. Typically we will have 2-5 outfit changes.


If you are concerned about time constraints though be sure to discuss with your photographer what their working style is and how long their sessions typically take.




Was your question left unanswered ? Be sure to leave it in the comments below ! 

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