Session Journal : Beautiful Badass

When D- and I first met you could say she was a little apprehensive she liked to fill the the awkward moments with giggles and I knew right way that we would get along, because that’s exactly what I do, too.

jersey shirt boudoir photo

This is one of those fun instances where her husband is actually the one that found me. I always love when that happens. It usually ends up being a guy that see’s our mission and is like hey ! I think my girl would really enjoy that experience.

D- tried to tell me during our consultation that she was unprepared. Which was silly because she was basically ready to get started right at that moment !

She had her priorities all laid out , A jersey from her hubby , a shirt that made her feel like a badass, and some lingerie that made her feel feminine.

Her shoot went by so fast ! We had a great time and topped it off with a lovely in house massage at the end. Best wishes on your next life adventures girl . I know you will be a beautiful badass and handle it all with ease.

Author: Samantha B

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