Mermaid Boudoir on The North Shore

Boudoir on The North Shore and Shopping 

Emily and I trekked down a small mountain to capture Boudoir on the North Shore for this adventure. Which was a nice change from my usual south shore spot , but I am getting ahead of myself here. Emily was a little shy and unsure of herself when we started the planning process together .

She opted for using my personal shopping services . I love going shopping with you guys when you need it and I only have one rule . You HAVE to try EVERYTHING on that I hand to you .What you buy is always your choice and I would never want you to have something you do not love . However the whole point of bringing me along is to try some new ideas! Haha Emily gave me quite a few stink faces at first but once she tried that netted mermaid vibes skirt on, I knew she was hooked .We were going for all the blue mermaid vibes with a touch of classic glamour.


Once we got to our location we tried to walk, not roll, down the VERY STEEP incline. And proceed to hike across the beach. The North Shore of Long Island is very rocky , there is typically no sand only small rocks and shells. This is beautiful to see but it makes transportation rather difficult. Once we made it to the perfect spot ( which was not close to the entrance of course) we began.


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The Water Was Wet

Naturally we knew we would be getting into the water at some point. When we finally made it in the workout began. Oh , you didn’t know about that ? Yea modeling for me is like yoga and cardio had a baby . Make sure you get your morning stretches in because you are going to be doing all sorts of things you may not have realized you could.

This is the part in the shoot where the uncontrollable giggles began . You see while I was making Emily run back and forth in the water she continued to stumble upon something we will call a sea hole . You know when you are walking around in the water minding your own business ? Maybe you take one step and suddenly the water is about three feet deeper than all the other water? Well naturally that is called a Sea Hole , and of course the Sea Hole was the optimum location for me to be photographing Emily in. Sorry girl , you gotta go back in the hole. We were just in stitches !


woman in white , with blue hair water fine art portrait ,sexy long island

mermaid vibes long island summer photo shoot


She’s a Babe

I think this beautiful mermaid did an amazing job of coming out of her shell for her session by the Sea. I don’t think this will be the last that we see of this mermaid.

If you want to see some exclusive  images from this session make sure that you are in our ladies only Facebook Group . Want to learn more about Boudoir? Check out our Planning Series . As always feel free to hang out with us on social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram . Have questions ? You can leave them in the comments below , reach out via our contact form or send us an email : . I can’t wait for you to  #seayourselffree !


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