Mary’s Art Deco Self Love Vibes

If you have had a Luxe session with me before then you have already met this beautiful face. Mary is my go to massage therapist here on Long Island. So when she approached me about doing a session I was SO. EXCITED.  Mary has a very matter of fact attitude with a cheery disposition. The entire process she was so open and we bounced ideas off of one another.

Marys art deco mood board

Mary’s mood board was full of vintage art deco vibes and risque lingerie. She wanted everything from dark to light and I was excited to offer both to her in one fell swoop. During her consultation she gushed about her slight addiction to Honey Birdette Lingerie . Now , DO NOT GET ME WRONG. I LOVE helping women shop for lingerie and assisting for the guiding process . But there is this special moment every boudoir photographer feels when their client has already purchased quality one of a kind pieces that make our hearts flutter.

Dark and moody boudoir session on Long Island with art deco vibes with Seaweed & Diamonds

I knew this was going to be a celebration of life , and sexuality with Mary and that she truly understood what it means to see yourself free <3

During her shoot we spoke about body issues that every woman has. I am always taken aback when I hear the story . This beautiful mom has an AMAZING body , and she still struggles with insecurities. No matter how many women I work with , the story is always similar . My body doesn’t look like “her” body. By comparing ourselves to others , that is the only possible way to have hate for your body. We need to stop doing that.

Mary doesn’t want her children to compare themselves to others. Sometimes the easiest way to overcome your own insecurities is to overcoming them for someone else. Mary spoke candidly about the example she wishes to set for her littles. ” I don’t want them to be afraid to be open with me ” she said.

Bright and airy lots of white boudoir photography in Port Jefferson Long Island New York Seaweed & Diamonds

This powerful  mamma is an inspiration.

Bright and Airy Boudoir Photgraphy  in Port Jefferson New York Seaweed & Diamonds

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