How to Avoid Photo Deception on Your Wedding Day

A picture says one thousand words. But what if a picture of your special day said one word and cost one thousand dollars? What if that one word was, “crap.”

Photography deception is a real thing. It could play out in a few ways:

  • You thought you had an incredible photographer but it ends up the company sent some rookie who has no idea who you are, the feeling you want captured, or anything else for that matter
  • You have an amazing photographer but you weren’t properly advised on the leg work that goes into making the details and background pop for exceptional photos


  • You spent so much time scouring your photographer’s past wedding albums that you completely forgot to consider your unique location, details, colors, ambiance, and feel; and completely missed the opportunity to explore the feeling that you want to freeze as memory

Your big day goes by in the blink of an eye. The one thing that you have to rely on for salvaging the overlooked bits of expensive details and invigorating exchanges of smiles from newlywed to newlywed is your photographer who should be there troweling each bit so nothing is left a distance or forgotten memory.


My point is, you don’t need anything else to worry about and you could do without the fear of being totally disappointed with your pictures after. So, I’m going to let you in on a secret. Everything you’ve been told about wedding planning, is wrong. Well, not completely wrong, just completely backwards!

Traditionally, the first few steps of wedding planning goes something like this:

  1. Choose your budget (link to pricing)
  2. Pick a date
  3. Pick a place
  4. Select the bridal party
  5. Chose additional vendors
  6. Plan an engagement photoshoot (link to engagement pic)
  7. Engagement party
  8. And so on

When really, wedding planning should look like this:

  1. Choose your budget
  2. Choose your photographer!

Now, I’m going to stop right there and explain myself before a few of the steps you were lead to believe were key before you tell me I’m biased because I am a photographer.

Before the date: well, you want to make sure your extrinsic memory capturing device, aka your photographer, is available.

Before the place: chances are, your experienced photographer has the ins and outs of the venue. Additionally, venues have a “preferred” list. While photographers on the list may be amazing, they have to pay to be there, and/or money goes back and forth. You want a photographer that has your best interest in mind.

Before the engagement shoot: as a way for me to ge to know my weds, their vibes, and feels, I offer a complementary engagement shoot. This way, I can get to know then on a truly deeper level. Plus, I get to watch their love story unfold.

And so on: don’t be left with photo deception. If there’s a particular photo or feel that you want recreated for your special day, now is the time to start working with your photographer. Your photographer is an expert at colors, shades, moods, props, lighting, and more. Utilize their expertise. They can lend their knowledge of capturing many special days and talent for coordinating all of the moving parts to make sure that your day is a beautiful dance.

Want to see how it’s done? I’ll let you in on a major sneak peek to my process. (link to video)

Author: Samantha B

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