Planning Your Boudoir Session : Part 1 Timeline


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Hey Beautiful ! How are you doing today? Its been an interesting week for me , if you follow me along on Instagram you know I just moved my home life from the north shore of Long Island to the South shore . The studio is still in the station of Port Jefferson , and now I commute from Patchogue. Patchogue has been pulling on my heart strings and  I’m starting to fall in love with this quaint little town as Swell Anchor has been trying to tell me since I moved to the Island , it took awhile ok ?

With all these new beginnings it has me doing a lot of planning . Planning for our little cottage , planning for the studio , and planning for the summer ! When it comes to planning I think we can all agree it makes our lives easier. So lets talk about planning your boudoir session , because that is something that should also be easier .

So how soon should you start planning your boudoir session anyway ? For the sake of clarification we are going to categorize boudoir into two types of sessions .  Bridal Boudoir and Boudoir .

How far in advance you book your session depends on your photographer and how far in advance they are willing to book. That being said I would recommend booking your boudoir session 6-3months in advance. This means that if you would like to have your session in September then you should book your date between January- March . If you have a deadline for your images , your session should take place 3 to 5 weeks prior to that event deadline to allow turn around time , be sure to discuss your turn around time needs with your photographer. You want lots of time to prep for your session, lingerie styles change often and are not always readily available this extra  time allows you to keep an eye out for the perfect piece . Boudoir is an investment , of your time , energy , effort , and money .


Another reason for this timeline is to think about product . The question clients forget to ask themselves is ” Where do I want my images to live “? Once you have had this invaluable experience you will have tangible items to remember it always , you don’t want these images to live on a dusty hard drive for eternity they deserve to be loved and respected , treasured for always . Do you want a secret book on your living room bookshelf , no one would ever think to pick it up … or a tasteful black and white on your bathroom wall ?

Take the extra time to really enjoy the process , most people only ever do boudoir once or twice in their lifetime , take the extra time to really enjoy the moment and have a great time 🙂


Stop by next week for Part : 2 of planning your boudoir session !

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