Samantha B Seaweed and Diamonds

Samantha B , Creator of Seaweed and Diamonds

Samantha B is the photographer and curator behind Seaweed and Diamonds. Samantha has had a camera in her hand since she was little. Her mother, a graphic designer, gifted her a fisher price camera for holiday trips and playing with friends.

“Life is your journey, I just happen to be there to capture it”
– Samantha B

Working with confident women looking to redefine their sensuality and free their inhibitions transcends Samantha’s work to new heights. For Samantha, working with her clients is more than just a photography session; it’s an experience. Samantha provides a safe place for her clients to share themselves in order to capture the release of their spontaneity and bountiful femininity on camera. Samantha believes her photography experiences are an extension of her client’s experiences.

Samantha is an innovative photographer with a spin of luxe and glam. Samantha believes women should feel free. She believes in giving them permission to do so.

Seaweed and Diamonds reflects Samantha’s desire to provide glamorous photography experiences to women. Samantha works from and welcomes her clients to her quaint studio in Port Jefferson, NY. Additionally, Samantha travels for her client’s special wedding occasions and has had the pleasure of photographing on both the East and West Coast.

“Your femininity is magical, let’s pause and seize the moment” - Samantha B.

Ready to be free and have bountiful happiness?