A Beachy Couples Boudoir

I am Basically Living at The Beach These Days

If you have been hanging around Instagram with me you know how in love with the beach I am. Finding fellow babes who soak up the salt and sand as much as I do has almost become my life mission. So when Leslie & Liz wanted to add the beach to their couples session I was seriously all for it.

These babes are seriously badass. They are both  Roller Derby girls ,SO.COOL. When we spoke about their other life adventures I could tell that Roller Derby attitude translates to everything they do by taking it head on. They are not afraid of a few bumps and bruises along the way. 


The Morning Started Off Right

Leslie & Liz drove in from Harrisburg PA that morning.  I ran downstairs to greet them only to find Leslie frantically sticking on her nails . “ Darn I hoped you wouldn’t see this “ she said , haha I was like “Girl story of my life”. I knew from that one moment  we would get along great. The whole day was spent with giggles and pushing limits. Because let’s be honest that’s what boudoir is all about right ?

Couples Boudoir LGTBQ Friendly Boudoir Photographer on Long Island


Couples Boudoir Can Make You Hangry

In between locations we took a food break. Girl those days get loooong and sometimes you don’t realize you are hungry until its too darn late. I showed the girls one of my favorite places to grab a quick bite . Its called Local’s and they have THE BEST gluten free wraps. I am completely obsessed with their quesadilla so naturally I tried to pressure everyone else into trying it as well. Haha no one would take a bite. But thats ok. More for me right ?!?!

Couples Beach Session Long Island Suffolk County NY


Thats a Wrap

This day was also new for me! It was my first day working with an assistant for boudoir. I had my friend Danielle there to help the day go smoothly. She was great ( haha and if you follow us on Instagram you will remember a slight boomerang noob making us all a little dizzy , she has improved greatly since then).


We stayed in the waves until the sun went down and the keeper of the beach ( Mr.Deer)  sent us on our way.


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