5 Step Guide to a Glamorous Boudoir Session

A boudoir session could be one of the most empowering experiences you as a woman can gift yourself. You’re giving yourself permission to be who you are while capturing the release your spontaneity on camera. While beauty isn’t pain for a boudoir session, feeling glamorous, free, and sexy; whilst getting the most out of your boudoir session, takes preparation. Here’s 5 steps that you should take to prepare for your boudoir session.

Before the boudoir session:

#1. Finding the right boudoir photographer for you

As with tampons, lingerie, and chocolate, not all boudoir photographers are created equal. Do your research! Be sure to read reviews, testimonials, search through the photographer’s boudoir photography gallery (link to boudoir page), and portfolios. A boudoir session is a once in a lifetime experience, it’s an investment. You want to choose someone who is not only amazingly talented but also highly professional, makes you feel comfortable (blog by Samantha on her style), and most importantly, someone whose style you adore!

I provide a curated experience for boudoir sessions. After the session is scheduled, we set up an inspiration board with previous session shots that I’ve done and other images that convey the feeling that you want captured on your day. You can check out an example of how we personalize your boudoir sessions here. (link to Pinterest board) *Bonus feels when gorgeous lingerie photos are included for inspo!*

*PRO TIP: make sure you schedule your boudoir session for just after a visit from AF. This will assure you’re feeling your BEST, no bloating, no blemishes, no worries!

#2. Once you’ve nailed down your incredible boudoir photographer and feels, the real fun begins! What to wear?!

I feel that your outfit(s) is the most important aspect of your boudoir session. The quality of your lingerie or outfit will show in the photos. Additionally, you don’t want your outfit to tear or pull (it’s more about fit then fabric , some fabrics are cheap and photograph well I would like more emphasis on the fit, maybe can leave links to places that help fit you and or personal shopper blogs or tips? ). That’s why it’s so important to find an outfit that will have you feeling sexy and confident. But don’t fret! I got you covered.

Deciding on the perfect lingerie or outfit starts at your inspiration board. Are you going for a sexy, sensual feel with a black lace teddy? (link) Or a fun bright fluffy lace and mesh babydoll set? (link) Or your partner’s oversized button-down shirt, which could be even sexier! Choose what makes you feel unbelievably comfortable and positivity beautiful.


  • Choose the style that will make you feel confident.
  • Pick out an outfit that highlights your incredible curves.
  • Choose colors that complement your skin, eye, and hair tone.
  • Plan which props or additional outfit(s) you will bring that holds significance to you (Like the first piece of jewelry or outfit your lovey gave you).

For undeniably fabulous lingerie, here’s my absolute favorite place to shop: (link)

*PRO TIP: if you are ordering lingerie online, be sure to give yourself enough time for shipping, trying on, and returns if necessary

Just before the session (3-5 days before)

#3. The preparation begins

With the session scheduled and your outfits picked out, now comes the real prep!

  • Grooming: if you wax, be sure to get waxed a few days before the shoot to make sure there is no irritation or redness. (Pssst, this goes for you eyebrows, underarms, legs, too!)
  • Pampering: if you plan to get your haircut and/or colored, do so now! This gives you a few days to make any adjustments. Get your fingernails and toenails a fresh coat, too ( stick to muted pinks and french tips unless your session is themed you do not want your nails distracting from your amazing outfit and hot bod ( lol you adjust the phrasing of that one)).
  • Tanning: please, stay out of the sun. While a light tanning session is CRUCIAL so your skin looks naturally luminous in your photos, make sure you don’t get too much sun or burnt! Spray tanning is an option only if you do a full body spray in order to avoid any contrasting tan lines. ( There is a place in port jeff that i walked into that seems to do a really good job and technicians do it by hand , maybe we can link back to there site and also a blog post topic can be all about tanning pros cons and how to do it right ….interview the owner of that buisness? Etc. ) As with tanning or sunbathing, you don’t want too much spray tan; a light sunkissed spray will work wonders!
  • Diet: girl, I don’t mean don’t eat. Simply watch your sugars and salt so you don’t retain excess water. Drink lots of water for fresh, flawless skin!

The day before the session:

#4. Rest up, beauty!

A good night’s sleep is so important for a good day’s session! But before you tuck in for beauty rest, carefully remove the tags and labels from your outfit ( I always forget to tell them this so this is excellent). Additionally, steam or iron your outfit.

The day of your session:

#5. The empowerment

The day is here! Now, it’s time for you to relax, get glamorous, and embrace your femininity.

Before you arrive, eat something light. Make sure you use light, fragrance-free cleansers, moisturizers, and most importantly, clear deodorant! Come with clean, dry hair, moisturized skin, and that incredibly beautiful smile of yours.

I always suggest arriving 15 minutes early to your boudoir session.( If we include this in I have to readjust on back end , I am a very much show up exactly on time kind of person lol i get flustered if they are earlier then expected) This way, I can get you settled, introduce you to my glamour team that will be doing your hair and makeup, pour you a glass of bubbly ( Should I be saying this publically? I have to be careful about alcohol because of NYS weird liquor liscense), and set you up for lots of ‘YASS!’

Ready to be free?

Does the thought of a boudoir session have you feeling excited? Do you want to give yourself a day of fun with timeless portraits? Thinking of surprising your lovey with an incredibly sexy gift? Let’s talk about planning your boudoir session.


Author: Samantha B

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