3 Essential Items For Every Boudoir Session

As the days finally begin to grow longer again (yes I am counting every extra minute) I always find myself reflecting on the year past. I know a few of you may roll your eyes at New Years resolutions and the cycles that we humans seem to repeat over and over . However as I get older I have come to appreciate this time of reflection, possibly even …enjoy it ?

While I am reflecting on many subjects I always come back to thoughts of my clients. Currently I have been thinking about my past sessions. Evaluating the things that have made them a success and maybe the things we should be trying differently.

This has made me realize there are a few items crucial to every single boudoir session that just helps it go that much more smoothly. So I wanted to take the time to share my 3 Essential Items For Boudoir with you. I want your boudoir session to go as smoothly as possible !

  1. A Flesh Tone Pair of Heels and A Black Pair of Heels

I am not a huge shoe person myself , I tend to go for a sneaker or ballet flat long before I am torturing my calves with a stiletto. I do however appreciate a beautiful shoe and recognize that there is a time and a place for the perfect piece. Boudoir and a few pair of pumps are certainly the time and the place. You could go simple , or a little more extravagant. But if you want to bring something really bold be sure to bring it in addition to the simple pieces you already chose.

2.) A black set and a white set

Keep it simple and classic for these pieces.

This may feel like a no brainer to some , but you might be surprised how often these are forgotten. One of the beautiful things about boudoir is how many variations you can have with the pieces that you choose. Having a black and a white bra and panty set help fill in the gaps for an oversized T or a little extra coverage for when you feel a little TOO out there.

3.) An oversized sweater

Oversized Sweater Pinterest Worthy Boudoir
Completely Instagram worthy right?!

This is something you likely already posses ! There is something so intimate about an off the shoulder sweater . Cozy up with your favorite mug ( which might also be our favorite mug) a pair of knee highs and boom instantly Pinterest worthy sweater shot , nailed it .

So there you have it , 3 essential items for boudoir. And I bet you already have most if not all of them ! While these are some staples everyone should bring , I do love to help each and every one of my clients personalize their session and outfits to themselves. I will even shop with you if you need it ! I prefer to help every step of the way rather then let you feel like its sink or swim. If you want to see more feel free to join our ladies only Facebook Group . We chat lingerie , life , and share tips. Its a great place to hang out and #seayourselffree.

Did you realize how simple the planning process could be ?

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Author: Samantha B

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