Hi, I’m Samantha

I think women should feel free. I give
them permission to free themselves.

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Seaweed and Diamonds

Welcome Friend, I’m Samantha B

I created Seaweed & Diamonds to be a safe space for humans to come express themselves in their truest forms. I may have the potty mouth of a sailor (and in true Taurus fashion fight like a bull) but I know what it’s like to look at the cover of a magazine and question my own worthiness.

I promise you it’s all tricks of the trade. I’ve made it my mission to learn every single one, so that  YOU  can see yourself painted in that light & REMEMBER who the Fuck you are.

At Seaweed & Diamonds its more than just photographs. It’s changing the way you paint your own picture.

What They Say

Nervous About Posing?

“You are Literally Made of Stardust Babe”

Don’t worry, no prior experience is necessary. We guide you with posing and expression so all you need to do is have fun!